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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Top 10 Best Music Player For Android

Hello, friends welcome to a new article of techyankush in this article we will know about the best music player for android. why need to install an external music player app in android? because of all default music player app installed on our smartphone is decent or limited features and they do not give the best sound.
Best Music Player For Android
Best Music Player For Android

So, we have decided to create a list of best music player for android and these all apps you can see more cool and amazing features like design, equalizer, and much more. So, keep in this article to know about the best music player for android.

01. Musicana

Musicana is a new modern music player app that has a superior equalizer, lyrics finder, multiple languages, song identifier, visually stunning, flawless UI and much more. 

02. AudioVision

AudioVision is another modern music player app. it has a music visualizer feature, powerful equalizer, the small size of this music player app, fresh design and much more.

03. NRG Player

NRG is a beautiful music player app for android that has an equalizer, sound effects, custom interface, sleep timer and more.

04. Eon

Eon is a minimalistic music player app and it is highly customizable and clean material design. so, try this app now.

05. Lark Player

Lark is a best lightweight music and video player app for android and it is 100% free, top-rated, floating feature, watch movies with subtitles and much more.

06. iPlayer

iplayer is a music player app it looks like iPhone music player but it has many features like change themes, equalizer, lyrics offline, and much more.

07. Music Player

Music Player is simple and easy to use and it comes with powerful equalizer, Elegant themes, and Ringtone cutter.

08. jetAudio

JetAudio is top-rated and most downloaded music player app for android and it gives you high-quality sound. some features of this app are an equalizer, Pitch shifter, MIDI playback and much more.

09. Poweramp

Poweramp is a new powerful and simple UI interface music player app but it gives you limited features in trial features like equalizer if you like music player you buy the full version of this app.

10. Boom

Boom Music Player comes with powerful and new features which are the 3D sound experience and it also has an equalizer, podcasts, and much more so, try out this app.
I hope you like this collection of best music player app for android if you like this please share this article to everyone till then read this:- Best Games For Android 2019

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